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Interested parties and contesting wills

When a Georgia resident contests a will, the issue of who can be an interested party as it concerns the estate of the decedent is likely to arise. It is not an issue that can be as easily addressed as it may seem. The number of interested parties may be many more than the petitioner of the will contest may have assumed. This is because interested parties are not limited to the parties who are recorded in the will.

Understanding the role of the executor

Georgia residents who have been asked to be an estate's personal representative may be wary of accepting the role. However, it is generally not as scary or overwhelming as it sounds, and it will only take a limited amount of a person's time to carry out their duties. As a general rule, a personal representative is responsible for inventorying assets, paying creditors and the government and distributing assets to beneficiaries.

Probate court is not always unwanted

Georgia residents dealing with estate planning concerns may find the probate process intimidating. Probate court is much maligned as the source of wasted assets and excessive fees caused by family infighting over an inheritance, but the process can have a place in strategic estate planning. The secret to an efficient trip to probate court is careful planning and forethought.

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