Whether they work with a caregiver in their home or live in a nursing home, many people in Georgia rely on public assistance to support their long-term care. However, receiving these benefits depends on meeting specific qualifications. If you or your loved one needs Medicaid benefits to support long-term care, it can be essential to know whether you qualify for Medicaid.

Who qualifies for Medicaid in Georgia?

Medicaid offers support to people with low income to help them cover their medical needs. Georgia residents may qualify for Medicaid if they are age 65 or older, legally blind or disabled or in need of care in an assisted living or nursing home facility. In addition, to receive Medicaid assistance in Georgia, patients must be a citizen, U.S. national or documented immigrant and live in the state.

Who meets the financial requirements for Medicaid?

Because the program is meant to help people with limited income, those who qualify for Medicaid in Georgia must meet specific income and asset requirements. These include:

  • Income limits—Individuals receiving care in a nursing home or community care services cannot earn more than $2,349 in a month or $28,188 in a year.
  • Resource limits—Individuals receiving nursing home or community care services cannot possess more than $2,000 in countable assets, and couples cannot possess more than $3,000.

While the resource limits for Medicaid are fairly strict, some assets do not count toward the resource limits. These “uncountable assets” can include the home used as a recipient’s primary residence, household belongings, a car and assets held in trust.

Careful planning can help you meet financial requirements before you need assistance.

If you or a loved one believe that you will need Medicaid benefits in the future, it is essential to plan for that need in advance. Careful financial planning with the assistance of an experienced attorney can help you navigate the Medicaid requirements and create a strategy that ensures that you qualify for this program when you need it most.