Deciding what to do with the family home during a divorce may be difficult for many Georgia residents. In many cases, each party in a divorce has different ideas about what should happen to the home. However, one of the most popular options is to sell the home and split the proceeds between the two former spouses. In order to do this successfully, it will be necessary for both parties to work with one another.

Having a real estate agent with experience selling a home for clients who are in the middle of a divorce is important. This is because the real estate agent will most likely be dealing with two parties who are at odds with each other. The real estate agent will have to be able to provide objective advice regarding the sale of the home and has to be able to avoid being forced to choose sides.

There can be a number of advantages to selling a home during a divorce. The money earned from the sale of the home can be a comfort for both parties who will have to create new lives from themselves after the end of their marriage. The money can also be used to purchase a new home. It is also beneficial as it will make it easier to address any other joint financial issues a couple may have. Many couples may have joint debts, such as credit card balances or loans. They may also have to address how to divide retirement accounts or pensions.

An attorney who practices residential real estate law may advise clients who are in the middle of a divorce of what special concerns they should be aware of when selling their home. The attorney may work to protect the interests of clients by negotiating sale prices and contract terms.