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March 2019 Archives

Revocable trusts provide estate planning advantages

Revocable trusts help Georgia estate owners maintain control of their assets prior to death. These estate planning tools could ease burdens on relatives if the trust creator becomes incapacitated. While the estate owner is alive, they can be the primary beneficiary and trustee of a revocable trust.

Divorce and selling a home

Deciding what to do with the family home during a divorce may be difficult for many Georgia residents. In many cases, each party in a divorce has different ideas about what should happen to the home. However, one of the most popular options is to sell the home and split the proceeds between the two former spouses. In order to do this successfully, it will be necessary for both parties to work with one another.

Reasons to consider a revocable trust

The use of a revocable trust can offer many benefits to those living anywhere in the country. For instance, those who have property in Georgia and other states can simplify the process of settling an estate by putting it all into a trust. Furthermore, an individual may benefit from the fact that the terms of a trust don't need to be made public. Therefore, it is possible that only beneficiaries will know the details of a person's estate.

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