Many homeowners are surprised at the amount of effort it takes to sell a home in Georgia. Some are shocked when their homes sit on the market for months or when their home sells for less than market value. However, by following a few guidelines, homeowners can sell their homes quickly and for over market value.

Many real estate agents advise that prep work is the key to selling real estate fast. Some agents walk through a house with prospective homeowners before the home is listed to find areas that are in need of renovations. At this stage, homeowners should resist the urge to be sentimental about the home and view it objectively as a commodity to be sold. Once the homeowner completes all necessary renovations, then the agent can arrange furniture in the home that most effectively showcases the home’s positive attributes.

Another tip to sell a home quickly is to list the home below the fair market value. Although this strategy may be unsettling and counterintuitive for homeowners, the low selling price actually generates interest among buyers and often results in multiple offers significantly higher than the list price. Particularly in a tight real estate market, a low asking price often yields the homeowner an offer over the home’s market value, especially if the home is in move-in ready condition.

Once the homeowners have accepted an offer, they should retain the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney. A real estate attorney is essential for real estate transactions that are not routine or may lead to disputes, such as the sale of home with an in-law suite that has not been built to code. .While real estate agents can handle real estate closings that are routine, an attorney is necessary when disputes arise or where the legal issues are complex.

Source: Forbes, “How to sell your home in seven days or less,” Gina Michelle, August 21, 2018