Selling your home involves a lot of work. There’s always cleaning, repairs and staging that needs to happen before it goes up for sale. Most people end up listing their house when it’s ready to put on the market.

However, a recent study shows that when it comes to listing a house, timing matters.

The best time to get on the market

While local conditions will always play a factor, it turns out that hitting the right month to list your house matters.

The data comes from over 14 million sold houses, spanning from 2011 to 2017. The study compared the average price of a home sold per month to the estimated value based on the market.

It found that the best time to sell your house, nationally, is in May. Homeowners saw their houses sell for close to six percent more than market value.

Here in Georgia, the best month was June. If you’re listing a house, getting it in selling shape by the spring can make you more money.

Avoiding winter sales

On the flip side, houses sold in the winter months of November, December, January were all on the bottom of the list. Owners got, on average, between one and a half and two percent higher return in these cooler months.

When you’re talking about a difference of almost four percent on such a large sale, it equals thousands. You can get a few thousand dollars more simply for listing in the right part of the calendar.

Selling your house in the spring is your best bet at getting the most out of it.

Helping real-estate sales go smoothly

While going through a sale with a realtor is almost always considered, many people do not think about consulting an attorney as well. Brokerage contracts are not one-size-fits-all. You should make sure that the contract lines up with your individual needs.

A real estate attorney can help you review these contracts and suggest any changes, if necessary. Real-estate transactions are usually the biggest financial purchase we make so why not make sure everything’s in order?