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October 2018 Archives

Housing shortage sparks more active winter real estate season

The late spring and early summer is traditionally the busiest home-selling season in Georgia and around the country, but the winter months are no longer as slow in the real estate business as they once were. A shortage of inventory has made the residential real estate market extremely competitive in recent years, and buyers looking for a bargain seem willing to venture out in poor weather if it means finding a good deal.

Philanthropic giving as part of an estate plan

Estate planning in Georgia sometimes goes beyond bequeathing family keepsakes and distributing accumulated assets among loved ones. Some individuals in the Peach State make arrangements to continue philanthropic giving even after they pass. From taking advantage of potential tax benefits to wishing to establish or continue a family legacy, there are many reasons to make charitable giving part of the wealth management and estate planning process when working with an attorney.

Is it time to downsize?

Many people see retirement as a time to relax. After working for many years, you might want to pursue old hobbies, travel or just kick your feet up and live stress-free. Part of this might also be rethinking your living situation. If you are thinking about retirement or are already retired, you might also be thinking about downsizing.

What to know about foreclosed properties

When buying a foreclosed home in Georgia, it is important to know as much about the property as possible. In most cases, a buyer will acquire the property in an as-is condition. This means that the buyer assumes responsibility for any upgrades or other work that needs to be done on it. It is possible that the previous owner of the property intentionally damaged it just prior to being forced to leave.

Will drafting and preventing future family drama

Many Georgia residents elect to pass their properties to their heirs after death through a will. Unfortunately, disputes among surviving relatives about the intent of the deceased are quite common. There are several steps a person can take when drafting a will to help prevent problems from arising.

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