Georgia homeowners generally want to get the most from their properties when it comes time to sell. While some factors influencing a home’s value are not in their control, there are several ways to get a higher price. For instance, a homeowner can improve the home’s curb appeal by planting flowers or painting the front door. By making the outside look nice, buyers are more likely to want to see what’s inside as well.

Making a home more efficient can make it more enticing for buyers as well. This could be done by installing LED lights or appliances that use less energy. An energy assessment can be conducted on a property to determine which upgrades could have the greatest return on investment. In addition to energy efficiency, a home that’s easy to maintain is one that a buyer could pay more for.

Therefore, it may be worthwhile to put on a new roof or replace the water heater. Swapping out carpet for hardwood floors can make a home look nicer as well as easy to keep clean. A timeless method to add value to a home is to increase its size. This can be done by adding a new room, finishing an attic or adding a deck. Generally, homes of the same style are priced per square foot.

When selling a residential property, it is important to accurately disclose the condition of the home. An attorney could help with necessary disclosures and review any information that is released about the house. This may reduce the likelihood that a seller violates fair housing or other laws related to real estate transactions. An attorney can also review the sale contract before the transaction closes.