If you’re a veteran or a survivor eligible for pension benefits, you may qualify for additional compensation from the Veterans’ Administration. Enhanced pension benefits are tax-free compensation that includes the Aid and Attendance Benefit and Housebound Benefits. Here’s some information about each form of additional compensation.

Aid And Attendance

If you are over 65 years of age and require daily assistance with activities of living such as ambulation, bathing, toileting or dressing, you may qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit. The extra funds enable you to afford help with the extra care you need.

Qualification for this benefit is subject to income limitations and receipt of this benefit may affect your Medicaid and VA disability benefits. Assets outside of your home and vehicles may also impact qualification for this benefit.

Other qualification points include:

  • Needing another person to assure an individual’s safety
  • Residing in a nursing home
  • Having a visual contraction of five degrees or less, or a visual acuity of 5/200 or less in both eyes
  • Being bedridden due to disability

Housebound Benefits

Are you mainly confined to home because of your permanent disability? You may qualify for a Housebound Benefit added to your pension. Your disability needs to be 100 percent disabling.


It’s to your advantage to prepare ahead of time for the qualification process by gathering documentation and evidence for your housebound status and aid needs such as physician reports and receipts for care.

An experienced estate planning attorney can help you arrange all necessary paperwork to apply for these benefits as a part of organizing your estate. Advice from a qualified professional will ensure that you receive every compensation that you are entitled to and that you get the best combination of benefits for your situation.