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January 2018 Archives

How to plan for long-term care needs in Georgia

When children grow into adults, they may eventually have to talk to their parents about long-term care options. Having this conversation can help to broach topics such as whether an aging parent is going to remain in their own home. Looking into long-term care options could also reduce the odds that a senior will have to sell their home to pay for medical expenses.

Do You Qualify For An Enhanced Monthly Pension From The VA?

If you’re a veteran or a survivor eligible for pension benefits, you may qualify for additional compensation from the Veterans’ Administration. Enhanced pension benefits are tax-free compensation that includes the Aid and Attendance Benefit and Housebound Benefits. Here’s some information about each form of additional compensation.

Have a will? Keep it updated!

When most people hear the phrase "estate planning" they immediately think of a will. This is a good thing, because wills are absolutely vital to the estate planning process. Without one, a person would die "intestate" which essentially means that their estate defaults to basic rules and laws of administration. Dying intestate means that your family and loved ones may not get what they thought they were going to get from your estate, or they may not get what you intended.

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